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10 jobs for people who want to see ghosts


You may be looking forward to seeing some ghosts at the box office this summer, but what if you want to work with the restless spirits of the undead for more than just two hours at the theater?

Here are 10 jobs for people who ain't afraid of no ghosts:

1. Paranormal investigator – If you're really serious about working with ghosts, you might want to make a career out of it. Of course, you may need to take on some non-paranormal cases, just to cover the bills.

2. Professor – Drs. Spengler, Stantz and Venkman all got their start in academia before pursuing their careers in paranormal pest control.

3. Lawyer – Late nights dealing with the complexities of traumatic events is a recipe for paranormal encounters. Or the prosecution may submit ghost-containing slime into evidence.

4. Police Officer – Despite existing in the ethereal plain, ghosts can cause a lot of panic and destruction. The Ghostbusters couldn't beat Gozer without a little police assistance.

5. Painter – Be sure to leap on any chance to carefully restore any ancient portraits of medieval sorcerers and tyrants.

6. Reporter – If movies are any indication, reporters are all but expected to follow seemingly-pointless leads that eventually unravel terrifying paranormal mysteries.

7. Librarian – Libraries are filled with the voices of the dead. They're usually pretty quiet – until they're not.

8. Nurse – All hospitals are haunted. This is a scientific fact.

9. Hotel clerk – All hotels are haunted. This has also been scientifically verified.

10. Accountant – Tax breaks make me feel good!

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