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  • How to get out of an awkward networking conversation

    Did you come to meet a certain speaker or industry leader? Are you here to share your business cards or extend an invite to an event of your own? If you're spreading the word about your own career goals, make sure you've done so with your current conversation partner before you exit the awkward interaction.

  • Don’t let fear of failure hold back your career

    "What one might consider to be a failure, another might consider a wonderful opportunity to learn something new," he says. "A failure is only truly a failure if we do not gain new insight or take anything away from the experience. Making mistakes is simply a process to ensure that we learn from them and do not make the same mistakes down the road."

  • Tips for Making Your Resume Stand Out

    "Use short bullets that someone can easily scan," suggests McDonald. "An easy-to-read resume that shows a hiring manager you're results-oriented and can do the job will help move you to the 'need to interview' list of candidates."

  • Mistakes and blunders to avoid in your next job interview

    Rehearse: Preparation is your best defense against disaster. Practice your interview skills ahead of time with friends or family members, and ask them for their feedback on things like posture, handshake and eye contact.

  • Hopefully, you’re not following this bad job-search advice

    Online networking and job listings have forced application materials to evolve, but resumes and cover letters are far from extinct. A concise resume tailored to the specific job opening and employer remains one of your most critical tools. Standing out with your resume and cover letter doesn't require a novel approach. It does require careful revision and targeting.

  • Why storytelling is a must-have career skill

    This isn't a novel-writing class. Tell stories that are true, and resist the urge to embellish. You're trying to give people a glimpse of who you are in the work world and the best way to do that is by telling the truth.

  • What it’s like to be a working parent in 2015

    Yes, I can have it all… The notion of "having it all" is often directed toward working moms, but it's a struggle both men and women face. The good news is both sexes feel it's something they can achieve. When asked if they think they can have it all, 78 percent of working moms and 83 percent of working dads say yes.

  • Explaining unemployment in the job interview

    "The best thing you can do is to talk about what you learned from the experience, how you've grown as a professional and how you'd apply any of those learnings to a new position,"

  • What to research before a job interview

    Not only is this a great way to show your commitment to getting this job, but assessing a business's mission and values and how they align with your own personal values can be a great indicator of whether this company is a good fit for you.

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