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  • Is that job stress making you feel overweight?

    "There's a clear incentive to make wellness and work-life balance a focus of organizational culture, and we're encouraged to see many companies making them a priority year after year."

  • 3 things to know about the April 2015 jobs report

    The U.S. economy, like the weather, has been somewhat unpredictable over the past few months. But just as Mother Nature shook off winter and spring finally emerged in many parts of the country, the U.S. economy rebounded after shaking off a disappointing month, according to the April jobs report released by the BLS this morning.

  • Fastest-shrinking jobs in America and alternative careers

    America's economy looks very different today than it did, say, twenty years ago. A major shift in technology and the inner workings of international trade and shipping has left workers with different futures than we may have seen for ourselves when we were first setting off in our careers.

  • New car dealer jobs are booming, especially in two superstar states

    These days, if you look around a crowded parking lot, you're bound to spot a set of dealer plates. That's because low gas prices and a healthy job market led to record high car sales in 2014, and some of those sales—particularly pick-up truck and compact SUV sales—have continued through 2015.

  • Stop saying ‘I’m sorry’ at work

    Jenn DeWall, career and life coach and motivational speaker, agrees. "Saying sorry too much can negatively impact your perception and reputation as a strong leader. Your boss or peers may make assumptions that you do not have a backbone and aren't willing to stand up for your work or ideas."

  • Class of 2015’s most hirable majors, lucrative industries and job-search tips for recent grads

    "They still face challenges, however. One in five employers feel colleges do not adequately prepare students with crucial workplace competencies, including soft skills and real-world experience that might be gained through things like internships. Job seekers with a good mix of both technical and soft skills will have the best prospects right out of college."

  • 13 growing occupations with certifications to boost your hireability and pay grade

    So what certifications should you pursue or highlight when taking the next step in your career? The answer becomes similar to anything in your job search: You need to know where you are going in order to figure out how to get there," Lamson says. "…Basically you need to have a job in mind and find a certification that either gets you there faster or more engrained in it once you are in the door."

  • It’s not about more associate degrees; It’s about the right associate degrees

    In order to identify these needs and excesses, we considered only the occupations that are projected to have at least 1,000 regional jobs by 2018, and evaluated them based on several indicators, including projected growth over the next five years, median hourly wage, regional completions from local postsecondary institutions, and 2014-2018 estimated annual openings.

  • When colleagues become friends

    After-work socializing builds relationships, especially if you are a member of a team or group that spends a lot of company time together. It's OK to socialize, have a couple of drinks and relax. But, you should definitely know your limit. You want your department or team to talk about how much you are killing it at work, not about how drunk you were at the bar the night before.

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