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  • The struggle to move from part-time to full-time work

    The struggle to move from part-time to full-time work

    “Those looking to make the transition to full-time employment should approach a part-time job as an opportunity to learn a new skill set, make new professional connections or explore a new career path. In addition, they should seek out companies they are interested in working for and join their talent networks so they will be first to hear about new job openings with those companies.”

  • 10 celebrities’ ordinary jobs that will make you go ‘whoa’

    10 celebrities’ ordinary jobs that will make you go ‘whoa’

    OK, so maybe this isn’t your average Joe’s gig, but it’s still worth mentioning Tatum’s deeper-than-you-may-have-thought ties to his character in the hit film “Magic Mike” and its soon-to-be sequel. Tatum started stripping at the age of 19 and also admitted to working a few other menial jobs around that time.

  • Career tips from ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

    Career tips from ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

    Trying to impress a superior in and of itself is a great way to keep yourself motivated and engaged at work. But if you’re just working solely for external approval, you’re setting yourself up for some serious stress down the line. Take pride in your personal accomplishments and let your work speak for you.

  • 7 tips for running a meeting that people might actually enjoy

    7 tips for running a meeting that people might actually enjoy

    Have fun. People spend most of the waking hours at work and want to collaborate and build with each other. "Meetings are one of the few places where you can have interaction with people you might otherwise not engage with," he explains. "Don't let them devolve into a form of punishment."

  • Calling shenanigans on calling in sick

    Calling shenanigans on calling in sick

    Sometimes catching a faker doesn’t require any detective work by the boss. A quarter of employers say they’ve caught someone lying about being sick simply by checking the employee’s social media pages.

  • Interviewing while pregnant

    Interviewing while pregnant

    If you acknowledge your condition, you can assure potential employers that this will not affect your potential job performance in the new role. To do this, express your preparedness for the baby’s arrival, as well as any career or job strategies that you’ve created for your expanding family.

  • How veterans can ace a career fair

    How veterans can ace a career fair

    Career fairs are an efficient way to pack progress into your job search, since plenty of employers are assembled specifically to meet job seekers and identify prospective talent. But if you plan to make the rounds once you’re there and see who you’re interested in, you may be wasting your time.

  • Cutting through office politics

    Cutting through office politics

    “Know who you are and what you can do, then work the heck out of those skills to be the very best you that you can be,” says Carrie Aulenbacher, executive secretary for Lake Erie Logistics. “Solid work speaks for itself and it's hard for politics to out-work a determined employee.”

  • 5 reasons your resume gets rejected

    5 reasons your resume gets rejected

    “References available upon request” or objective statements that essentially say “I want this job” aren’t adding anything new to your resume, and instead only serve to take up valuable resume real estate. Employers will come away more informed if you include summaries of your qualifications, accomplishments and skills.

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