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Weird work stories of 2014

s the year comes to a close, let’s take a look back at some of the coolest, strangest and most memorable work stories of 2014.

Most days at work are, well, just another day at the office. Even some of the most exciting and unique professions involve their fair share of paperwork and meetings. But every once in a while, routine will be punctuated by something interesting, unique or downright outrageous.

As the year comes to a close, let’s take a look back at some of the coolest, strangest and most memorable work stories of 2014:

“Most Adorable Resume Ever? Aspiring Intern Pitches Lego Version of Herself to Agencies”

Why it’s weird: It can be tough to stand out in today’s competitive job market, and many job seekers go to extreme lengths to get noticed. These gimmicks don’t always work, but this young job-seeker’s resume – featuring a Lego model of herself and sporting the headline “Build the perfect Account Service intern!” – helped the Lego Movie make 2014 the year we all remembered how much creativity those little plastic bricks can inspire.

Source: Adweek

“Manhattan Coach Is Denied South Florida Job After Resume Check”

Why it’s weird: Most of us know that lying on your resume isn’t the best idea, especially about something as easily verifiable as education history. So when talks between Manhattan College men’s basketball coach Steve Masiello and the University of South Florida broke down because a background check revealed the coach hadn’t received a bachelor’s degree – a requirement for the position – it came as a stark reminder that lying about your credentials can always come back to haunt you, no matter your career stage.

Source: New York Times

“Blast From the Past: Teacher Mails Letters Students Wrote Themselves 20 Years Ago”

Why it’s weird: Are you living the life you had hoped for when you were in high school? Do you even remember what those aspirations would have been? For 25 years an English teacher from Saskatchewan, Canada had his students write 10-page letters to their future selves and now he’s taking it upon himself to see that those letters get delivered.

Source: NBC Today

“Pundits on Jordanian TV Fight Over Syria, Wreck Set”

Why it’s weird: In today’s world of digital content and the 24-hour news cycle, it’s not uncommon to see the news go a little bit off the rails. Still, when a heated debate between two journalists escalated to a shoving match that eventually flipped the table they were seated at and damaged other parts of the set. Could this mean the world is finally ready for a talk show that combines hot button political topics with Jerry Springer style antics?

Source: Washington Post

“Seattle Doc Suspended for Sexting During Operations”

Why it’s weird: There are any number of situations where it would be inappropriate to take part in an ongoing sexting conversation, and supervising surgical procedures is right there at the top of that list. But that didn’t stop a Seattle doctor from sending sexually explicit text messages dozens of times a day while on the job.

Source: NBC Chicago

“Government Labs Closed After Accidentally Exposing People to Deadly Diseases”

Why it’s weird: From the first documented cases of Ebola in the U.S. to doctors saying this year’s flu vaccine may not work, 2014 has been a big year for terrifying medical news. So when the news that the CDC had accidentally exposed some workers to H5N1 bird flu, on top of the news that CDC scientists had experimented on a shipment of anthrax without protective gear, suddenly all that other medical news became even more troubling. Don’t be surprised if 2015 is the year water cooler talk gives way to hand sanitizer dispenser talk.

Source: New York Magazine

“NITWIT: Workers Battered On Scaffolding Outside 48th Floor Apartment”

Why it’s weird: If your job involves working on a scaffolding 48 stories up, you’re likely prepared to deal with heights. But dealing with being pelted with eggs, stuffed animals and broomsticks? That’s probably not in anyone’s job description.

Source: Crime in Wrigleyville and Boystown

“BP Lawyers Use Old-School Trick; Judge Not Amused”

Why it’s weird: We tend to think that lawyers, especially those representing large corporations in high-profile cases, have a lot of fancy legal tricks up their sleeves. Which is why it was so remarkable when British Petroleum’s lawyers were caught slightly adjusting the line spacing – a tactic that rarely gets past college PAs, much less a U.S. District Court Judge – on their court filing. Granted, most students aren’t fudging the lines to try to get more words in, but it’s still one of the oldest tricks in the book.

Source: NPR

“Principal Loses Job Over Misspelled School Sign”

Why it’s weird: There are few things more satisfying than a healthy dose of irony – provided it’s not doled out at your expense, of course. Such was the case this year for a New Jersey public school principal who was demoted and reassigned to another school after parents pointed out several spelling errors on the school’s outdoor announcement board. Silver lining, the students all got a first-hand look at why their classwork is important.

Source: Huffington Post

“Cops Chase Runaway Carriage Horse Through Hell’s Kitchen”

Why it’s weird: Animals running loose through the streets of New York is something you’d expect to see in the movies, not out your break room window. But in late October, a carriage horse escaped from the stables on 37th Street and brought commuters some unexpected excitement, and likely a lot of frustration.


NBC New York

“World's Most Honest Janitor Gets To Keep $80,000 He Found In Toilet Stall”

Why it’s weird: If you found a couple bucks lying around, you probably wouldn’t think twice about pocketing it. But what if instead of a couple crumpled bills it was a wad of $50 and $100 bills totaling close to $100,000? For one janitor, that hypothetical became reality, and he didn’t hesitate to alert his supervisor and authorities. Now, as reward for his honesty, he’s been awarded more than $81,000 of the cash – proving that sometimes it really pays to do the right thing.

Source: Huffington Post

(Picture Source: Internet)

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