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7 lessons job seekers can learn from crazy contestants of The Bachelor


If you've ever watched an episode of "The Bachelor" or "The Bachelorette," you'll know that the Monday night guilty pleasure serves up a heap of drama with a side of crazy. How much of it is real and how much is scripted we may never know. What we do know is that there are real-life lessons any job seeker can benefit from.

Check your baggage at the door. OK, so you are a complex person with many layers, but a job interview is not the time to lay all your sob stories out there — like how you got laid off and feel burdened to pay rent, how your former co-workers picked on you, or why you got passed over for a promotion. Some "Bachelor" contestants learn this lesson the hard way. Remember the contestant who blurted out during one of her first meetings with the bachelor that her biological clock was ticking and she needed to have kids right away? Maybe save those discussions till at least the third date.

Don't be over-confident or arrogant. Be confident: In fact, employers want to hear about your biggest accomplishments, because it will show them what an impact you can have on the organization. But there's a fine line between exhibiting your self-worth — and over-confidence bordering on arrogance. Just ask Olivia from the current season of "The Bachelor" who, after getting the first impression rose, let it get to her head and showed her true colors, thereby alienating the other girls in the house.

Keep your eye on the prize. You know we have to talk about Lace, right? Girl is a riot, but she has her priorities mixed up. After going in for the kiss while literally introducing herself to Ben, good ol' Lace followed it up by attempting to finish off the kiss during their second-ever encounter. This unfortunate chain of events led him to awkwardly tell her that he was interested in seeing if they were a good fit rather than exploring a purely physical relationship. Awkward! Apply the same logic to a job interview. First try to determine whether you'd be a good fit before asking about secondary matters like salary, benefits, or vacation time.

Don't be a hot mess — be prepared. Every season has its fair share of tipsy or downright hammered cast members — some more than others. Who wants to commit to someone who is not in their right element and is completely unprepared to have meaningful conversations? Hopefully alcohol during or before a job interview is out of the question for you, but there are other ways you could show up looking like a hot mess. Just think about the impression you'd make if you were to run into the interview 20 minutes late, huffing and puffing and apologizing with your coffee-stained shirt untucked the entire time, only to realize you forgot to print out your resume. Don't be that person — take some time to prepare yourself before you walk in. Account for traffic or other delays before you leave your house, and allow ample time to freshen up and make sure you have what you need prior to the interview.

Don't be deceptive or lie to get the job. Remember Bentley? Often referred to as one of the biggest villains in "Bachelor" history, he came on the show seeking notoriety — and certainly accomplished that. He lied to get to the top of the shortlist, and weaseled his way into Ashley's heart. That may be an extreme example, but even something as seemingly harmless as little white lies on a resume can quickly spiral out of control. The next thing you know, you're saying you're an IT expert when you can barely do basic coding.

Adjust your attitude and expectations. Remember Kelsey from Chris' season? She was constantly complaining about everything, refused to be a team player and expressed on numerous occasions her sentiment that she was far superior to the other girls because she was far more educated and eloquent. That attitude, or rather arrogance, will get you stranded in the desert nowhere. You don't have to bad-mouth your previous employer or anyone else to try to make yourself look better. And even though there may be some grunt work involved, keep your head up and look at the big picture. If you're with a good employer, your hard work will pay off.

Skip the gimmicks and be yourself. Contestants often resort to crazy gimmicks when meeting the bachelor or bachelorette for the first time — from flying in on a helicopter to riding in on horseback to arriving with a grandparent to riding in on a motorized cupcake (yes, it happened) — the list goes on and on. Similarly, job seekers sometimes resort to attention-seeking gimmicks, which the majority of the time only hurts their chances of appearing legitimate and capable. Don't feel like you have to rely on the shock factor to get an employer's attention.

Market yourself more effectively. Be cognizant of how you present yourself to an employer — whether it's on a resume or cover letter or in person. Over the years, contestants have been described on the show as the following: chicken enthusiast, free spirit, pantstapreneur, healer and more. Don't use arbitrary terms to describe your skills on your resume. For example, a "rock star culture guru" will not convince an employer that you're the right person for the job.

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